Chlorine Free Swimming Pool Cleaner and Spa Sanitizer

Chlorine Free Swimming Pool Cleaner, Silver Stabilized Pool Cleaning Chemicals, Swimming Pool And Spa Sanitizer

Zyax Pool Maxx

Chlorine Free Pool Cleaner

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  • A chlorine-free pool cleaning solution
  • For removal of calcium deposits, cleaning, and care
  • Prevent Green Algae
  • Fast-Acting Swimming pool sanitizer
  • Non-Foaming silver stabilized pool cleaner

Pool Maxx by ZYAX is a specifically formulated professional pool water cleaner that is 100% Chlorine Free silver stabilized pool cleaning solution, without harmful chemicals that ensures a clean, germ-free, family-safe pool 365 days a year. Pool Maxx is a highly effective natural cleaner with a formulation that is fully degradable into water and oxygen and has no toxic by-products. It also acts as a Pool & Spa Sanitizer.

It is safe for you, your pool, and the environment. We recommend the use of Zyax Pool Cleaner in combination with sand filters and zeolite filters. The product is not suitable for Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE Filters).


  • 100% Chlorine Free swimming pool cleaner.
  • Kills Fungi, Algae, and Bacteria instantly.
  • No eye, skin, or lung irritation, making Zyax Pool Maxx, making it extremely suitable for children and people suffering from asthma or allergies.
  • Long-lasting effect with unique silver stabilization that allows optimal and lasting results, even at low concentrations.
  • Remains active at a wide range of temperatures and pH levels.
  • With the added oxygen, the water becomes crystal-clear & your skin becomes silky-smooth.
  • Longer service life of swimming pool materials and plants thanks to the non-corrosive features of this swimming pool sanitizer.
  • Replaces chlorine in one simple step.

Characteristics of Pool Maxx

Physical Characteristics
  • Zyax Pool Maxx is odourless, colourless, and tasteless once mixed in the pool.
  • Zyax Pool Maxx is effective in a wide range of pH & temperature.
Chemical Characteristics
  • No toxic chemical residue as it is a silver stabilized pool cleaning solution & completely biodegradable to natural elements.
Microbiological Characteristics
  • It is a highly effective Broad Spectrum Cleaner that is effective against all germs (Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Algae, Amoeba, and Biofilms).
  • Zyax Pool Maxx is stable for a long period of time so it has long-term effectiveness against all types of Microorganisms in case of post-contamination.

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Zyax Pool Maxx


Directions of Use

Step 1: Ensure the pH level is between 6.5 and 7.5. Neutralise the chlorine by adding recommended ZYAX Pool Maxx - Silver Stabilized Pool Cleaning Liquid to your pool water. Contact time: 1 hour.

Step 2: Add ZYAX Pool Maxx - Silver Stabilized Pool Cleaning Chemicals to your swimming-pool water as indicated on the label.

Step 3: For optimal operation, we advise you to rinse the pattern filter weekly.

Storage Conditions

Storage rooms: room temperature, clean, non-combustible, lockable, jointless, smooth concrete floor. Do not store together with alkalis, reducing agents, metallic salts and combustible substances.

Safe Disposal

Dispose in a safe manner in accordance with local/national regulations. The diluted aqueous solution about 100 ppm can be released into drain if it is in accordance with local regulations; the undiluted waste must not be released into drain. Can be incinerated, when in compliance with local regulations; rinse package with water before disposal. Contain spillage, and then collect with non-combustible absorbent material, (e.g. sand, earth, diatomaceous earth, vermiculite) and place in container for disposal according to local / national regulations

Empty containers that will be returned to the manufacturer must be rinsed with water. Empty containers: packages must not be used for other purposes.

First Aid Measures

  • Inhalation: Fresh air, rest. Semi-upright sitting position. Call emergency services, hospital admittance is advised. Show label, packaging or patient information leaflet.
  • Ingestion: Rinse mouth. Call anti-poison centre and inquire if drinking active coal suspension is advised.
  • Skin: Rinse skin with plenty of water or shower for 15 minutes. Meanwhile remove contaminated clothing and shoes.
  • Eyes: Rinse with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Rinse AWAY from unaffected eye. If wearing contact lenses: if easy to remove, do so before rinsing. Immediately contact ophthalmologist. Show label, packaging or patient information leaflet. Remarks for the physician: Prehospital: symptomatic treatment. Contact anti-poison centre for further hospital treatment.
Zyax Pool Maxx Zyax Pool Maxx

store in well-ventilated cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.