pH Decreaser for Swimming Pool

pH decreaser for Pools, pH reducer for Swimming Pool

Zyax Pool Maxx pH Down

Lowers High pH
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  • Reduces skin irritation
  • Pool pH down helps prevent scale formation on surfaces
  • Preserves pool and equipment

Pool Maxx pH Down is a pH reducer for Swimming Pools. By maintaining the optimal pH level of water, it helps to reduce the consumption of chlorine and other pool maintenance solutions. Pool Maxx pH Down brings the pH level down and stabilizes the pH.

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  To Lower pH
Capacity (In Litres) Inial pH pH Down Final pH
100000 8.0 1.0 Lit 7.6
8.0 1.75 Lit 7.2
8.5 2.6 Lit 7.6
8.5 4.0 Lit 7.2

Never add more than 50% of this product at one time of the above-recommended dosages. If the pH is above 7.6 then, add this product to bring down the pH to an acceptable range using the dosage chart above.

Recommended range 7.2 - 7.6



Zyax Pool Maxx pH Down is used as pH decreaser for Pools for reducing high pH levels of pool water to protect equipment and surface for optimal chlorine/Pool Maxx effectiveness and improve swimmer comfort by preventing eye irritation.


Test water before using this pH reducer for pools. Backwash or clean the filter.

For Better Results

Allow the pool to circulate for two hours then retest pH. Add more products if needed. Brush any undissolved clumps off the surface of the pool to avoid surface damage.

Storage and Disposal

Keep this product dry in the original tightly sealed container when not in use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not reuse the container. Rinse empty containers thoroughly before discarding them in trash or recycling.

Hazard Statements

HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS CAUTION: EYE AND SKIN IRRITANTS. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Contains Hydrochloric Acid. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Wear goggles or safety glasses and rubber gloves when handling this product. May be irritating to the nose and throat. Avoid breathing vapours. Wash hands thoroughly after use. If the product gets on clothing, remove it and wash it before reuse. Do not mix with other chemicals.

Information Information

store in well-ventilated cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.