Chlorine Free Swimming Pool Water Cleaning Chemicals And Silver Stabilized Pool Disinfectant Solution
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Sparkle Maxx, Clear Maxx, Chloro Maxx
World’s Leading
Pool Cleaner
World’s Leading
Pool Cleaner
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Pool Maxx offers a wide range of professional pool water cleaning solutions for all types of pools & spas.
From 100% chlorine-free pool disinfectants to products that help you maintain the proper pH level in your water, Pool Maxx has something for all your pool care needs.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Chemicals &
Pool Water Cleaning Solutions

Why Zyax Pool Maxx

  • Prevent Green Algae
  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • Pet Friendly
  • Environment Friendly
  • High-Performance Swimming Pool Cleaning Solution
  • Fast Acting Swimming Pool Disinfectant
  • Non-Foaming Silver Stabilized Pool Disinfectant
  • Eliminates Fungi, Algae, and Bacteria

Some of our Esteemed Clients

Aldeia De Goa
Ajanta Pharma
The Bark Hotel Lonavala

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Client Reviews

The water is crystal blue, no itchy or dry skin. Pool Maxx is a boon for swimming pools.
- Mrs. Ashita Tham
Simply Superb Product. A must try , this is a new world of swimming that Zyax has introduced me too.
Keep up the good work. Cheers
- Mr. Aayush Aggarwal
Impressive pool clarity, no more red eyes, none of the side effects of chlorine. Pool Maxx is the best disinfectant money can buy, all natural. Please see the difference in your skin in 2 weeks of regular swimming, my skin glows!!!
Thank you Zyax
- Mrs. Gaitri Singh