How to Clean a Green Pool

How to Clean a Green Pool

It's not uncommon to see green pool water at some point during the summer. The color of your pool water can be a result of several factors, but is generally due to the presence of algae. Algae blooms appear when your pool has a low presence of Free Chlorine. Additionally, with exposure to high levels of heat, heavy rain & poor circulation; without the use of a regular preventative algaecide; there is an increase in risk of your pool developing algae. Stubborn pool algae can be extremely difficult to control if the appropriate steps aren't taken to treat & prevent the problem.

With the following steps, you can now treat & prevent green pool water.


1. Test Water & Balance

Test the pH levels of your pool using our Macherey-Nagel Swimming Pool (5 in 1) Test Kit. Your test results will tell you if the water paramters are unbalanced. Firstly, pay special attention to the Free Chlorine level. Always maintain this between 1-4 ppm, as Low Free Chlorine can case your pool water to turn green. Apply Chloro Maxx 90 (TCCA 90) to restore to adequate levels. Note, if the pH level is above 7.8; there is risk for developing green algae. Adjusting the pH level will help reduce this risk by lowering the amount of nutrients available for algae growth and reproduction.


2. Clean Pool Water

You know what they say: a pool is only as clean as its surface. So if you want to keep your water sparkling, clean the surface often! Remove visibile debris, brush the walls and vacuum the pool. Concentrate on areas where there is visible dirt, with little or no circulation. Cleaning your pool regularly is a basic must to prevent algae growth.


3. Apply a Pool Shock Treatment

When it comes to crystal clear water, shocking your pool water is a crucial step. Shocking your pool water helps to remove contaminants that may cause algae to grow and helps to improve water filtration. It's a quick and easy process that takes just a few hours, and once it's done, you'll have the perfect swimming environment for yourself and your friends! Our product is environmentally friendly and contains no phosphates, so it's safe for the environment as well as for you and your family.


4. Apply an Algaecide

To treat green pool water, ensure you use an Algaecide specifically that kills green pool water algae; such as Clear Maxx Green Pool Water Correction. Post treatment, thoroughly brush your pool's surface to ensure no dead algae remain in your pool. 


5. Clean Filter

Clean your filter to remove any organic or mineral build up; according to the manual for your specific filter. Ensure your pump & filter run continuously for 24 hours so that your entire pool water has the chance to run through a clean filter.


For best results, always test & balance your pool weekly. If you're still unable to clean your green pool, do reach out to us and we will have a Pool Maxx representative get in contact to resolve your concerns.


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