How To Raise pH in a Pool

How To Raise pH in a Pool

You may have heard about the importance of pH levels in swimming pools. But did you know that they affect more than just water quality? Learn why it’s important to keep them balanced! And it means increasing pH in pool. 

The pH level of a pool affects many aspects of its operation, including safety, cleanliness, and even the enjoyment of swimmers. It also has an impact on the environment around the pool, so it’s important for everyone involved to understand how to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience.


Why Is pH Important?

A pool’s pH level is measured on a scale between 0 and 14. Anything rated as alkaline is over 7, whereas anything rated as acidic is below 7. This means that a pool with a pH level of 8 would be neutral. If the pH falls too low, it will become acidic, making it unsafe for swimmers. Conversely, if the pH rises too high, it becomes alkaline, causing corrosion and other issues.

How Do I Measure pH Levels?

There are several ways to measure the pH level of a pool. One method involves using a test kit, which measures the pH level by dipping a small sample into the water. Another option is to use a pH meter, which requires a larger sample size. Both methods require a trained professional to properly read the results.

How to measure the pH of Pool Water?

Tip: For the best and acute results, test pH level of water before using Pool Maxx’s 5-in-1 Pool & Spa Test Strips.

How Can I Increase My pH Level?

If you notice that your pool has a low pH level, there are some things you can do to raise it. First, make sure that your filter is running correctly. This will help remove any chemicals that might be causing the problem. Next, check the salt concentration in the pool, if you have a saltwater pool. Too much salt can cause the pH level to drop. Finally, add a pH increaser in pool to bring the pH back up.

Here, Pool Maxx pH Up acts as a pH increase for pools. It steps in to save the day and safeguards surfaces and equipment for maximum chlorine efficiency, protects against corrosion, and enhances swimmer comfort by reducing eye irritation. By maintaining the proper pH level of water, Pool Maxx pH Up is best used to reduce consumption of chlorine, flocculants, and other pool management products. The pH is promptly recovered and stabilised between 7.2 and 7.6 by Pool Maxx pH Up.


Why is Pool Maxx pH Up the best pH Increaser for Swimming Pool?

  • Rapid & Efficient: After application, the Pool Maxx pH Up works efficiently and quickly.
  • Minimize Eye Discomfort: The low pH of the pool water, which is the origin of the acidity, helps to lessen eye irritation.
  • Protects against Corrosion: Preventing corrosion on equipment and slick surfaces lowers the expense of maintaining your swimming pool.
  • Enhanced comfort for swimmers: The water's acidity is reduced, and swimming is made more pleasant as a result.


Directions For Use:  

  • While the pool is not in use and the pump is operating, disseminate the Pool Maxx pH Up solution in the deepest area.
  • Retest the PH after letting the pool circulate for several hours for better results. Add extra product as necessary. To prevent surface damage, brush any undissolved clumps off the pool's surface.


Never add more than 50 % of Pool Maxx pH Up at a time of above recommended dosages.

Ta-da! Your relaxing pool treat is ready!



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