Faber Anti-Slip Treatment

Faber Anti-Slip Treatment

Faber Safe Marble Anti-Slip Treatment

Created to address the challenges posed by slippery floors, SAFE MARBLE provides a comprehensive solution for safety. It is a revolutionary water-based solution designed to enhance grip on marble, travertine, limestone, and lime-based surfaces.

This specialized treatment works by directly interacting with the surface, creating imperceptible micro-erosions that enhance water runoff. These enhancements are invisible to the naked eye but significantly improve surface grip, effectively reducing the risk of slipping. SAFE MARBLE's unique formulation ensures increased safety, whether you're wearing footwear or walking barefoot, especially in wet conditions.

No more slippery surfaces with SAFE MARBLE, your trusted ally in ensuring a secure environment. Experience the confidence of enhanced grip on marble, travertine, limestone, and other lime-based floors, making every step safer and more secure.

Suitable for

  • Concrete-Marble Agglomerates
  • Resin-Marble Agglomerates
  • Glazed Porcelain Tiles
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Travertine


  • Superior Traction Performance
  • Minimizes Slip Risks
  • Compatible with Various Surfaces
  • Invisible and Long-lasting Coating
  • Ideal for Pool Decks and Walkways
  • Reduces Slippery Conditions



No Maintenance Required
No Maintenance
Long-Lasting Treatment

Faber YS One Anti-Slip Treatment

Say goodbye to slippery ceramic, porcelain stoneware, quartz, and siliceous stone flooring with YS ONE, a revolutionary water-based treatment. Specially formulated to enhance grip, YS ONE combats the hazards of slippery surfaces, making your floors safer and more secure.

Designed to target the root cause of slippery floors, YS ONE creates microscopic erosions on the surface, invisible to the naked eye. These subtle changes enhance water run-off, significantly improving surface grip. Whether you're wearing shoes or walking barefoot, YS ONE ensures a firm footing, even in wet conditions.

Choose YS ONE and transform your floors into slip-resistant havens, where safety meets style.

Suitable for

  • Resin-Quartz Agglomerates
  • Molted basalt
  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Granite
  • Honed Porcelain Tiles
  • Natural or Structured Porcelain Tiles