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Glass Filter Media For Swimming Pool Filtration

Glass Filter Media For Swimming Pool Filtration

For Swimming Pool Filtration

Glass Filter Media is to be used to replace the traditional sand media in your swimming pool filter, making its performance like never before. It is manufactured from an extremely specific glass type & processed to obtain optimum particle size and shape to improve the performance of an existing filtration system without adding costs. It is activated to increase the surface area by 300 times over crushed glass & sand. This high surface area is negatively charged to electro-statically attract organic and small particles. It is not subject to biodynamic instability & will never allow untreated water to pass through the filter.

Glass Filter Media can prevent biofouling, is self-sterilising, more cost-efficient, longer-lasting and engineered to remove impurities such that it does not need to be recharged or replaced.

  • Glass Filter Media works across salt water, chlorine and natural pools; with the sand in your pool filter simply needing replacement with Pool Maxx’s Glass Filter Media.
  • It works at all temperatures and with any oxidation method & no purchase of any further equipment.
  • While Silica sand lasts for 1-2 years, Glass Media lasts up to 10 years.
  • Reduces the presence of bacteria.
  • Reduces the backwash time & required cycles, thus generating water savings of over 50%. This enables more efficiency and less equipment maintenance due to lower constraint on your filter system.
  • Incredible ROI and savings in maintenance costs.
  • Cost Saving

    Cost Saving

  • Better Performance

    Better Performance

  • Eco-Friendly


100% recycled material, reduces environmental impact through improved performance and lasts up to 10-15 years.

What are the benefits of Glass Filter Media?

Running a swimming pool is expensive, and can be environmentally damaging. Today, utmost care must be taken to reduce water & energy consumption thus reducing environmental impact.

Weekly backwashing is required in sand filters to reduce built-up pressure as a result of debris settling in the sand bed. This uses a substantial amount of water. This water is then replaced and re-heated increasing energy consumption. All at a cost.

The density of glass improves the water flow. And as a result, Glass Filter Media needs less backwashing. This results in up to 50% less water usage. Which, in turn, reduces the energy and water costs. Less stress on the environment, cheaper & more efficient.

  • Glass Filter Media effectively filters microplastics, organic matter and heavy metals as small as 5 microns from the water. These contaminants are easily removed from the filter bed via less frequent & slower backwashes.
  • Glass Filter Media has a surface negative charge density which works well with coagulants and flocculants (such as Clear Maxx) to remove dissolved components.
  • Glass Filter Media prevents the growth of bacteria in the filter bed, completely eliminating bio coagulation. The channelling that occurs in sand filters is also eliminated.
  • Product water will have at least 50% lower chlorine oxidation demand than an equivalent sand filter, so much lower concentration of disinfection by products.
  • Silica Sand is a natural resource, hence over time as water passes through the media either via normal filtering or backwashing, its particle size decreases and in some cases the media hardens. It therefore creates pressure fluctuations, affecting the efficiency of your swimming pool water filtration system. Glass Filter Media doesn’t harden or cause pressure drops in your filter system. The media is much more durable and consistent during the filter's lifecycle.
  • Will last as long as your filter does and, in that time, will continue to provide crystal clear water, reducing the need for chlorine and thereby vastly reducing harmful chloramines and other by-products of disinfection.

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Comparison of Sand and Glass Media

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Criteria Sand Media Glass Media Advantage
Cleaning Ability Sand will filter to about 30 microns. Glass will filter down to roughly 5-10 microns.
Even finer particles than cartridge filters.
Longevity Sand media needs to be changed out every
3-5 years depending on the water and
debris load that is going through the filter.
Glass media lasts about 2-3 times
as long as sand filter media.
Backwashing Sand will require longer backwashing to clean the dirt
out of the system as there is more volume of media to go through.
Glass media will backwash quicker as the material is lighter and less dense, so it floats better, resulting in faster cleaning. Faster cleaning also means less water usage. Glass
Price Sand filter media, generally speaking, requires four bags to fill the filter and is more cost effective. Glass media since it is finer will only require roughly 50% fill capacity at a slightly higher cost but with more value. Sand

Glass Media Calculations

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Top Mounted MPV Filter
Filter Dia mm Sand Gravel Total Sand Media kgs   0.5-0.8mm 1.5-2mm 3-4mm Total Glass Media Kgs
400 50 25 75   75     75
500 75 25 100   100     100
650 150 50 200   125 25 25 175
700 200 50 250   175 25 25 225
800 250 75 325   225 25 50 300
900 325 100 425   275 50 50 375
1000 500 200 700   425 75 150 650
1200 900 300 1200   775 100 200 1075

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Side Mounted MPV Filter
Filter Dia mm Sand Gravel Total Sand Media kgs   0.5-0.8mm 1.5-2mm 3-4mm Total Glass Media Kgs
450 60 25 85   85     85
500 75 25 100   100     100
650 140 50 190   125 25 25 175
700 190 50 240   175 25 25 225
800 250 75 325   225 25 50 300
900 310 100 410   275 50 50 375
1000 475 200 675   425 75 150 650
1200 875 300 1175   775 100 200 1075