Pool Maxx - 100% Chlorine Free Pool Cleaner

Pool Maxx - 100% Chlorine Free Pool Cleaner

Pool Maxx is a specifically formulated, first of its kind pool cleaner that is 100% Chlorine Free; without harmful chemicals that ensures a clean, germ free, family safe pool 365 days of the year. Pool Maxx is a highly effective natural cleaner with a formulation that is fully degradable into water and oxygen, and has no toxic by-products.

It is safe for you, your pool and the environment. We recommend the use of Pool Maxx's Pool Cleaner in combination with sand filters and zeolite filters. The product is not suitable for Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE Filters).

Why use Pool Maxx?

  1. A chlorine free alternative
  2. For removal of calcium deposits, cleaning and care
  3. Prevent Green Algae
  4. Fast-Acting
  5. Non-Foaming


  • 100% Chlorine Free.
  • Kills Fungi, Algae and Bacteria instantly.
  • No eye, skin or lung-irritation, making Pool Maxx extremely suitable for children and people suffering from asthma or allergies.
  • Long-lasting effect with unique stabilization that allows an optimal and lasting results, even at low concentrations.
  • Remains active at a wide range of temperatures and pH-levels.
  • With the added oxygen, the water becomes crystal-clear and your skin becomes silky-smooth.
  • Longer service life of swimming-pool materials and plants thanks to non-corrosive product features.
  • Replaces chlorine in one simple step.


Where can you get Pool Maxx? 

1. Pool Maxx is available on our website, with a special offer of 15% using coupon code POOLMAXX15 at checkout.

2. Available on Amazon & Flipkart as well.


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