Pool Maxx pH Down - Lowers High Pool Water pH

Pool Maxx pH Down - Lowers High Pool Water pH

Pool Maxx pH Down is a specially formulated, fast-acting pool chemical specifically designed to handle high or constantly rising pH levels. Our miracle solution quickly and easily restores chlorine’s effectiveness by keeping the water's pH in optimal range with just one application. Not only does this solve your immediate problem with high pool pH levels, but it also saves you time and money in the long term.

Pool Maxx pH Down steps in to help by acting as a pH reducer for the swimming pool. It prevents corrosion, preserves the surfaces and equipment of your pool, and enhances swimmer comfort by reducing eye and skin irritation. By ensuring that the water in your pool has a perfect pH level of between 7.2–7.6, the best usage of Pool Maxx pH Down helps to reduce the quantity of chlorine, flocculants, and other pool management products & chemicals that are required.


Need help measuring the pH? 

Read here for more: How to measure the pH of Pool Water?


Why is Pool Maxx pH Down the best pH decreaser for pools?

Pool Maxx pH Down is a non-toxic, biodegradable product designed to quickly lower pH levels in swimming pools. Unlike other pool treatments that can become hazardous if used in excess, Pool Maxx pH Down is safe and effective even when used regularly. It is easy to use, fast-acting and can help you easily maintain crystal-clear water with a balanced pH level. It minimizes the cleaning cost of your swimming pool by preventing corrosion on equipment & unclear surfaces. It helps to lower the eye irritation caused by the acidity of the pool water due to the high pH. Also, It provides a comfortable swimming experience avoiding any irritation.



Physical Characteristics: 

  • Pool Maxx pH Down is a pH reducer for pool that has no taste, colour, or odour.
  • Pool Maxx pH Down works best when the temperature and pH are both over 7.6.

Chemical Characteristics:

  • There are no harmful chemical residues because it completely biodegrades in contact with natural elements.
  • It serves as a green alternative for pools.

Microbiological Characteristics:

  • Pool Maxx pH Down contains Hydrochloric Acid. 



  • For best results, use Pool Maxx 5-in-1 Pool & Spa Test Strips to check the pH level of your water first. 
  • Then, distribute the Pool Maxx pH Down solution in the deepest area while your pool pump is running. Let your pool circulate for several hours before retesting the pH levels, adding more products as necessary. 
  • Lastly, clear away any undissolved clumps from the pool’s surface to prevent any damage.

Tips for Usage

Tips for Usage:

When using this product, it is important to follow the dosage chart and never add more than 50 % of the recommended dose at one time. Additionally, if the pH level is above 7.6, you can use this product to bring it back down to a recommended range based on the directions from the chart.

Recommended range 7.2 - 7.6



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