Pool Maxx Special: How to Plan the Ultimate Pool Party

Pool Maxx Special: How to Plan the Ultimate Pool Party

Make a splash this year by hosting the most epic pool party ever! With the right preparation and planning, you can create an unforgettable gathering that all your friends will be talking about for weeks. From food and decorations to music, find out how to plan the ultimate pool party here with us at Pool Maxx.

Pool Maxx Special


1. Choose a Date and Location:

Before you get into the details of your plans, the first step is to choose a date and location for your party. If it’s your own private pool, no worries. However, if you need to finalise the location, you’ll want to make sure that it's convenient for everyone who will be attending, taking into account any holidays or special events, both near and far. The time of day is also important – some people may not be comfortable being in the pool after dark, while others might be more likely to come if it's later in the evening. Keep these things in mind when deciding on a date.


2. Create an Invite List:

There’s no party without guests, so create an invite list. Depending on the size of your pool, you may need to cap the number of people who can attend. It’s important to be considerate of your neighbours and ensure that too many loud noises or large crowd won't disrupt their day or night. You should also think about who you want to invite and plan accordingly. 

Create an Invite List


3. Design an Eye-Catching Theme:

Want to make sure your pool party stands out amongst the rest? Planning a creative and eye-catching theme is essential. Stick with something simple, like a beach code or get creative and play dress-up - plan costumes around a movie or decade. Don't forget to include decorations, including pool floats and streamers, as well as games and activities that guests can participate in throughout the event.


4. Gather Poolside Decorations:

Gather Poolside Decorations

Now it’s time to make sure your pool party is picture-perfect! Start by gathering poolside decorations like balloons and paper lanterns, beach balls, inflatables, and pool floats. Pool Maxx has some brilliant & unique options. You can also hang streamers in the colour of your chosen theme for an extra splash of fun. Add some tiki torches too, if you’re having an evening party so that guests can stay outside well into the night. Light up around the pool for an unforgettable night pool party.


5. Determine the Menu Plan:

Determine the Menu Plan

With the fun decorations sorted out, it’s time to decide on your pool party menu. Take care to cater to different taste buds and dietary requirements by offering a range of snacks and meals such as Fruit, Kebabs, Nachos, Crackers, Chips, Pizza & many more. Stock up on drinks as well as refreshing cocktails for guests who prefer them. Pick from easy-to-make drinks like Lemonade, Watermelon Mojito, Berry Mojito, Blue Lemonade, or Fruit Slushes. Arrange your food stations in the shaded area so that everyone can grab what they need.

P.S.: If you are arranging a themed pool party, add a twist by matching your menu to the theme. 


6. Plan The Epic Pool Games:

Plan The Epic Pool Games

What’s a pool party without fun pool games? Take it up to you & host games that will keep your guests entertained such as Water Volleyball, Ping Pong, Water Polo, etc. Also, every pool party needs to have fun floats & inflatables from Pool Maxx so that everyone can rejuvenate and relax!


7. Add The Music Twist:

It’s a pool party and of course, you are going to need an awesome pool party playlist to groove while chilling in the pool and sipping your favourite drink. Tune in on Apple Music, Spotify, or any other audio station, and make sure you save the playlist for the day. 

Pro Tip: Let you or your artist friend’s talent shine in the party. Ditch the music system and have a perfect pool jamming session for a top-notch pool party!

But most importantly, follow the next step.


8. Make Your Pool Party Ready:

If you’re hosting a pool party, the last thing you need is cloudy, unclean swimming pool water. To make your water sparkle and shine instantly at the party, use Sparkle Maxx, our fast-acting pool water clarifier. It will get rid of hazy water and make your pool shine and sparkle the way it should.

And Ta-da! Your pool is now party-ready!

Throw a wonder-pool party and yes, don’t forget to enjoy and have fun as a Host/Hostess. 


Happy Partying!!


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