5 Reasons Your Pool Is Cloudy After Shocking

5 Reasons Your Pool Is Cloudy After Shocking

If you have recently done a Pool Shock Treatment for your pool, you might be a little worried if there is still cloudy pool water. Don’t worry, your treatment has not gone into waste. Even if you shock your pool properly, it takes a while for the natural microorganisms to do their job. This can take up to 12-24 hours, as opposed to a couple of days with harsh chemicals. Thus, the pool water takes time to get clear. 

Pro Tip: If you are confused about how to clear a green pool, check this. 

There are few reasons which make the pool water cloudy and hazy, even if you get rid of the algae. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons for cloudy water after pool shocking and how to avoid them. 


1. Poor Water Circulation & Filtration:

The filtration system helps to keep the pool clean, filters the debris from the pool, and prevents it from re-entering the pool.

Cloudy water can be the result of low water circulation, due to poor filtration. If the pump is not running for a sufficient time after the pool shock, it leads to unclear water. 

Thus, you need to keep the filter clean as well, for better efficiency. Most of the time, this issue can be cleared without any complicated treatment. Some quick fixes:

  • Wash off the filters: Depending on the type of filter your pool has, wash it off. Backwash for the sand filter and soak-rinse for the zeolite filters. 
  • Clear the skimmer: The skimmer holds a lot of debris, which lowers the filtration process. Thus, it needs to be cleared out for smooth functioning. 
  • Run the pump for a longer time: It’s better to keep the pump running to let out the debris and get clear pool water for an extended period.

Pro tip: Switch Glass Filter Media for durable, efficient and cost-saving filtration. 

2. Insufficient Chlorine & Cyanuric Acid:

The pool water gets cloudy if there’s an insufficient amount of chlorine in it. The Cyanuric Acid, also known as chlorine stabilizer, acts as a ‘Sunscreen’ for pool chlorine. The water easily gets clear, if the amount of chlorine & cyanuric acid is maintained. If the chlorine is low, the debris spreads across the pool water, making it hazy. 

  • Check the chlorine level: Pool & Spa Test Strips helps you to check upon the free chlorine level of the pool water. 
  • Increase the chlorine level: Add the Chloro Maxx TCCA 90 Granules in the pool water. It releases Hypochlorous acid, which increases free chlorine in pool water and Cyanuric acid, which acts as a chlorine stabilizer. 


3. Increased levels of pH:

If the pool water is hazy even after the pool shock, it is an indication of imbalanced levels of pH and total alkalinity. Usually the high level of pH causes calcium accumulation in the pool, affecting the clarity of the water. The high pH makes the water basic/alkaline and the low pH turns it acidic. Calculate the pH levels of the pool water with the help of Pool & Spa Test Strips and accordingly you can take the below measures. 

  • If the pH is high, i.e. above 7.6, then add the Pool Maxx pH down in the pool water to lower the pH level. 
  • If the pH is low, i.e. below 7.2, then add the Pool Maxx pH up in the pool water to increase the pH level.


4. High Contaminants in the Pool:

The pool water gets adulterated due to the dirt, dust, organic debris and tiny insects which eventually enters into the pool water with the high usage or pool parties. This leads to the chemical imbalance in the pool water causing the cloudy water and begins the growth of microorganisms in the water and on the walls. 

For this, covering the pool helps in keeping the water clean for a longer period of time. Also, sometimes shocking the pool again works as well.  

5. Weather Problems:

The windy weather and heavy rains turns the water hazy in the pool. The added water and falling dirt causes the contamination of the pool water and leads to cloudy water. Thus, keeping the pool covered is always helpful for this issue as well. 

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